Quality Control

Accumulated know-how and technology comes up with a new product.

Shortly after a new product is approved for sale, the process of commercialization starts from developing the first and second stage prototypes, and then moves to mass production prototypes.
Meanwhile incorporating a sense of comfort, high quality and advanced functionality grown out of our specialized staff's design and production technique, a new product is created to be comfortable to use as well as in harmony with living space.
The state-of-the-art mechanical equipment and accumulated know-how that Asahi Wood Processing Group has surely and swiftly enable to deliver ideal products to you.

Quality control system we pursue as a responsible manufacture.

img We repeatedly conduct testing and evaluation for basic performance and safety requirements in order to make sure our products are safe for customers.
The quality inspection includes the test of endurance, loading and abrasion resistance as well as covering formaldehyde test, a major issue in recent years, which are implemented based on the product feature, with having been introduced large-size environmental testing equipment. In this way, we aim for the upgrade of safety level.

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