Representative Person Business going global regardless of company size these days, business collaboration using diverse international networks develops cross-industrially.

In such an environment, we grow our business internationally, using the Japanese market as a springboard into the Asian and European market to pave the way toward the global market places. Among the key issues of the 21st century are the matters related to enviroment and resources recycling, which are something we have to face seriously.

Since the turn of the century 21, we have decided to put weight on those global problems, which leads us to practice our corporate belief "earth-friendly monozukuri (manufacturing)”.

Asahi Wood Processing Group pursues a course toward the trend-conscious monozukuri leader who finds the joy in enriching people's lives through the comfort of wood products, nurturing the tight-knit, trust-based bond we share with our customers, and thus we move on to progress in step with an Age of Globalization.

Juichi Takeuchi

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