Orangutan Forest Fund

imgTropical rainforests are distributed in three regions on the earth : Southeast Asia, South America and Central Africa.
Among them the rainforest of Borneo Island, Indonesia has one of the world's oldest ecosystems, which has been in danger of rapidly diminishing due to the impact of logging, slash-and-burn and forest fires.
Loss of the rainforest is said to cause geoenvironmental problems such as frequent occurrence of natural disasters and acceleration of the global warming.
In addition to that, a number of plants and animals are thought to be brought to the brink of extinction.
We support the activity for the recovery of Borneo rainforest through Japan Malaysia Association.

The Three Rs

As global environmental issues have taken center stage lately, The Three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) receives a lot of attention in the industrial world.
We have especially focused on reducing and recycling waste and reusing the reverse side of the once-printed documents, which have led us to gain nearly 90% of recycling rate.
We aim to get involved in the widened sphere of resource protection activities.

What is RPF?

img RPF, which is short for "Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel ”, is a high quality solid fuel using non-reclaimable used paper and plastic waste as raw materials, in high demand from the steel, paper, lime and many other industries as an alternative to fossil fuels such as coal, coke and oil

Solid fuel RPF

RPF is solid fuel mainly consisting of used paper and plastic waste, which is a suitable energy source for a recycling-intensive society, produced properly via the process of sorting, shredding and pelletization.

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